best twitter message of the day…

Ok, so last night I was scrolling thru my  twitter and low and behold I see the best twit-tweet-twat that I’ve ever seen…

It was from my girl, Annie (I like to call her Ay-Knee… totally an inside joke but watevers). You may know her as the creative genius behind the dope jewelry line, Cubannie Links but what you may not know about her is that she’s also an actress and a damn good one at that.


The earrings I’m rockin’ are Cubannie Links Coco Knockers

But anyways, back to her twit-tweet-twat… she wrote this:

Picture 1

OMG OMG OMG… after I read that, I started hyperventilating and proceeded to blow up her twitter account and tell her how much “I LOVE RPATZ” and how she was such a “LUCKY BITCH”. Then, I still didn’t know what to do with myself so I blew up Yoshi’s celly and BBM’d her: CALL ME RIGHT NOW! I totally forgot how late it was (1am east coast time) but you know what… she called me back anyway!!! So, I told her the news and we began to squeal and scream… as if it were us that got into the movie, hahaha!

But anways, of course Annie hasn’t watched the movie OR read the books which explains how she was able to tweet that so nonchalantly. You know if that were my ass it would’ve gone a lil’ something like this:

HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT!!! I’m gonna be in Remember Me w/ RPatz & guess what?! We’re gonna meet, he’s gonna fall in love w/ me (of course) and we’re gonna live happily ever after.. take that bitchessss!!!! 

Hahaha… how would yours go?


7 responses to “best twitter message of the day…

  1. Sunshinekim77


    Mine would be something like that but I would soooo…. post a sex-tape turning his ass out…. just to throw it in bitches faces!!!!!


  2. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT! I just got booked with R. Patz. It will be a summer wedding. Look out for the invitations as they will be arriving in a week. Monitary gifts only pls. Jess, ur doing hair. Betsey, makeup. Rach, ur planning the party. And Lawn, I expect Hellz bridesmaids dresses. Thanks.

  3. HOW LUCKY IS SHE!!!!!!???? Mine would be:

    WOOOOT! just got casted for Remeber Me wid Rpatz!!!!! Im soo gonna kidnap him and keep him in my basement next to my shrine….right next to his abc gum I bought on ebay…..

  4. OMGGGG not only does she does the dopest jewelry which i alwaysss get compliments on 😉 but she gets to be in the same room with our man?! ahhhhhhhhhhh lmao

  5. OK…. so im really fucking sad because i was goin to be in a movie with the one and only sexxy man beast ROB FUCKIN PATTZ (thats right i said sexxi man beast)….but then right after i found out i fainted…hit my head on the corner of a table and fell down two flights of stairs, and will no longer be in the movie cuz im in the hospital for the next year, FUCK ME!! and yes i will probably hurt myself trying to get out of bed to go to the set but whteva its worth a shot!

  6. off topic, what is that lipstick you are wearing misslawn? you and yosh have the best taste in lipsticks, i wanna copy!

  7. I just died. Big time.
    because I got fuckin casted for remember me. yes. with rpatz. big time. oh. my god. I cannot talk.
    I’ve had about 13 orgasms since the phone call 5 minutes ago.
    I must obviously be dead. big time. cos I am in heaven.

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