The New-New.

Here’s the latest pic of our dear Kristen Stewart adorning jet black hair for her Joan Jett role. And all I can say is THANK GOD it’s just for the movie. The following will probably ruin any chances of me and Kristen becoming bff’s and painting each others nails during sleep overs but I swear she’s lookin even more crack-head with the new do’ than usual. I can’t wait ’till she gets to the part of the movie where Joan Jett becomes a bad-ass, make-overed superstar or is finished filming and gets her long, chestnut haired Bella back on ‘cuz like a reader on Jezebel said, “she looks like she dipped into Edward’s “own personal heroin stash.” But asides from the hair, how do you think Kristen will do playing the rock legend? The only other role I’ve seen her play was the annoying daughter in Panic Room so I can’t really say. Let’s hope Joan Jett had a stuttering problem when she was younger…


14 responses to “The New-New.

  1. Is that Adam Lambert??? Please tell me that’s a wig!! She was pretty good in The Messengers – I’m sure she’ll be good in whatever she does.

  2. Adam Lambert!@?# I was LMAO until I thought…No, Adam wouldn’t be caught dead without more eye make up on.

  3. Why didn’t she just wear a wig? I just saw Kristen Stewart in the movie “Jumper” I didn’t even know she was in that movie. She was the Paladin’s daughter at the end, and it never fails she looked angry, disturbed, and awkward like she does in all the roles she plays. She seriously needs to add some diversity to that way she plays her roles. Seriously she is the worst actor/ actress in Twilight. I am a Twilight/Robert Pattinson fan, Kristen Stewart no so much.

  4. LMAO @ the edwards personal heroine stash comment.

    i don’t exactly love it but it sorta suits her. It’s very onpoint for Joan Jett. I prefer her long locks tho.

  5. I always wanted to dye my hair black. And now I know I’ll never do it. Wow it really makes a girl sallow…

  6. Does anyone remember her performance in Into the Wild? She sings in and plays guitar in that and is actually really unlike her performances in Panic Room and Adventureland. I don’t know about Joan Jett tough, I think it also depends on how well she is directed and the screenplay. I want rob to do Jeff Buckley so bad. I hope he beats out James Franco.

  7. It’s pretty scary.

    I only saw Kristen acting in three not-Twilight movies: The Panic Room, In the Land of Women and Speak. I don’t feel comfortable to talk about my thoughts of her acting, really. But I can say I hope she does MUCH BETTER this role now. I also believe directing has a lot with that but… well, let’s see it =D

  8. i wonder how long it’ll take her hair to start looking like Bella’s again .

  9. omt why is she playing joan jett!? ugh now i’m very pissed she coulda played blondie and i woulda been fine with it but why my rock’n’ roll hero joan jett????????*sigh*why couldnt she wear a wig she looks like a herion addict or crack head that hair does NOT look right on HER!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yep, she was most def in the personal brand of heroin stash. And I’m still uncertain about her playing a rock legend. Even in her ‘trying to be a bad ass’ moments, she a stuttering awkward mess. This will be interesting.

  11. hey dudes, you know what she looks like? Joan Jett circa 1980. What she is SUPPOSED to look like. And maybe they wouldnt let her wear a wig, how authentic is that? It’s a biopic of the woman’s life for crying out loud. a wig? No.

    she looks amazing. you cant use the Sig O term “new new” and then diss KStew with it.


    Sig Os 4 Lyfe.

  12. Girl you know Im busting balls, that’s just what I do besides worship Kstew.
    I have a history of rabidly defending her on various websites. It’s my schtick. It’s me doin me.
    Totes all in good fun. Xoxo

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