my favorite wannabe chola is a TWI-HARD!

ok yea, so maybe you’ve noticed i’ve been doing a lot of youtubing lately (and watching twilight at work) BUT I CANT HELP IT! work has slowed down and i’m bored out of my mind!

my friend sent me THIS link this morning:

and so i did more digging around because i thought she was HILARIOUS (by the way, i think she’s filipino.. i’ll tell you why later) – anyway, i found her reaction video to new moon! hahahha! i love how she tells us to “sshh shut up” and how she can’t really scream all loud and shit (i’m guessing she doesn’t wanna wake up her parents lol).

AND THENNNN – here’s her twilight saga rant – kinda long, but cute and honest…

and for those of you who are fellow FILIPINOS or know or have any filipino aunties… check this out – HILAR!!!

and just because she is fkn crazy – here’s another one hahahahhaa


6 responses to “my favorite wannabe chola is a TWI-HARD!

  1. oh jeez! this is a MUST watch. it’s a Jasper/Spongebob parody.

  2. these were soo funnnay!! hahaha love these vids!

  3. lmfaooooooooooooooooo @ all these vids! shes so cute !!!

  4. mwahahahaha. sooo love her! def filipino! and i have a tita exactly like hers. hmmm, maybe i should go visit my tita and get myself another 30-hour story. : )

    oh, and by the way, i think y’all are fab-tastic.

  5. hahaha Coco Chandelier that’s awesome!!!

  6. LOL love it!

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