i’m giving up…

with all the fkn hoopla going on here in ny because rob is finally in my hometown, i’ve gotten to the point where i’m totally not even feelin the urge to “find” him.

he’s beyond “normalcy” celeb status now – we’re talkin like – he’s pretty much johnny depp level. and i will NOT go there – i can’t compete with all that.

before, when we ventured out to vancouver to find them, rpatz was at least still a “normal” dude… but now he’s chillin with eva mendez and shit? DAMNIT.

Robert Pattinson NYC 061109-2

Twilight star Robert Pattinson may be one of the most — if not the most — sought-after actor by both photographers and fans, but that doesn’t mean the 23-year-old hunk is going to hide out behind the gates of some walled-in compound. In fact, R-Patts loves hanging out with his friends — and he isn’t going to let stardom stop him.

Around 11:15pm on Wednesday night, Robert and a group of pals, including good friend, actor Tom Sturridge, his Twilight mom Elizabeth Reaser and actress Eva Mendes, were all enjoying themselves at NYC’s Bowery Bar, throwing back a few Peroni beers and nibbling on pizza between trips outside to enjoy an occasional smoke. These four were also joined by three others, a blonde woman and two guy friends.

Despite partying with the sexy Twilight star, one witness tells OK! that Eva appeared to have her eyes set on Sturridge. “They were chatting non-stop and laughing the whole time,” says the source.

Rob, dressed in a black hoodie and matching hat, got up from his table on the bar’s patio several times to take some phone calls. According to another partier, he spent a good deal of the night chatting with Elizabeth, who celebrates her 34th birthday on June 15.

One insider at the bar overheard Rob joking to the blonde woman in their group that having a British accent gets you points with American girls — yeah, because being the super-hot star of a wildly popular movie franchise doesn’t get you anywhere…

Just before 1am, it was time for Eva to make her exit. “She hugged and kissed everyone goodbye and left,” says one bargoer.

The rest of the group lingered for another 30 minutes, finally leaving around 1:30am.
“As they were walking out, the girls were joking that they’ll pretend to be Rob’s publicist if people were outside,” one insider tells OK!.

Lucky for him, there was only one photographer waiting outside, so he was able to slip into a cab by himself without having to fight off a throng of paparazzi.

via robsessed

i guess i’m just being realistic because i bump into AT LEAST 500 people here in ny on a daily basis and i may only know at least 1 or 2 people out of those 500! how the HELL am i going to see rob – even IF he’s supposedly staying “there” – which is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my bf’s work??? ugh. i’m giving up…. =(

however, if i so happen to bump into him casually on the street, best belieeeeeve i’m going to be all over him and humping his leg give him a nod “w’sup”

**another update**
this does not mean i’m still going to be obsessed with the movie and the books – i would NEVER! lol


17 responses to “i’m giving up…

  1. dont give up…. just trus your instincts……. maybe you’ll see him when you less expect it! so… never loose it! ok!

  2. dont give up! im not he’s here till August we will meet him lol!

  3. Yeah, we have to draw the line somewhere and clearly Johnny Depp status is just too much to handle. i don’t wanna wake up when I’m 59 and walking around Hollywood with a sun visor looking for where he lives and shit. Twilight saga love forevs though!

  4. aww don’t give up. he’s gonna be here in NYC for a while so you have plenty of time for the chance to “bump” into him. Imagine how many people bumped into him that day in soho with Tom Sturrige and probably didn’t even recognize him. And you know where he’s supposedly staying, thats gotta count for something right?

  5. i was just talkin to the bf yesterday about this. he doesn’t seem to agree though. but i really think this whole r. patz phenomena parrallels the likes of the beatles or nkotb. like it’s ridiculous, more so ‘cuz he got thrusted into the limelight almost overnight. i know as an actor or any famous figure it all comes with the territory but i’m sure he didn’t expact all of this.

  6. PLEASEEEEEEE….. if i saw robby I would be SURE to get a pic w/ him, no matter how embarrassing it would be to ask AND i would get video footage of him on my camera…which I bring with me everywhere for moments like this. Hopefully he kicks it in Brooklyn. BK, baby!!!! all day erry day.

  7. I had like a ❤ attack when I saw on twitter that he was in downtown manhattan,I tweeted miss lawn about that but idk if she saw it lol. But girl atleast u live around that area & know where he's staying at. Maybe you will bump into him & hump him lmao. & have him hold up a wtforks sign :D. But ooohmygawddddd I wanna meet him so badly!!! Whew okay. Good luck!

  8. Wtf my cmmt didn’t go thru;anyway yeah I had like a ❤ attack when I found out via twitter that he was in lower manhattan. I tweeted miss lawn the info idk if she got it lol. Buuuuut don't give up dammit! You will bump into him & have him hold up a wtforks sign :D. Atleast u know where he's staying at , I'm mad I don't live in the city area so I can bump into him *sighs

  9. Don’t give up!! I’m not I just got a link with someone who knows where he’s suppose to be this weekend. So If i “bump” into him I will be sure to get some pics!!!

    I love you guys!!!!

  10. Sunshinekim77: I live in NYC also & gonna be in the city this weekend too. Would u be able to email me & tell me where u think he is gonna be this weekend. I’d like to “bump” into him too lol my email is : KatRuppert@aol.com


  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sunshine kim….. i think u should tell us where he MIGHT be lmao so me, yoshi, & miss lawn & everyone else who lives in NY can bump into him… yanno…. for the good of us twi fans & all… jus sayin… 😀

    but giiirl dont give up, im trying to bump into him too… *sighs

  12. Sunshinekim77

    I will let everyone know this afternoon!! We might have to all form a “PACK” and go hunting. You know, divide and conquer (with walkie-talkies and everything) LOL!!

  13. Pingback: GAME ON! « What The Forks?!

  14. i have walkie talkies hahah i am so down for this lol

  15. Sunshinekim77

    Hey guys so I was told that he’s suppose to be basically doing the same as last week. Hanging in Gramercy and Soho probably shopping. That might change depending on his work schedule. Let me know if you guys are serious about coming out tomorrow. Cause last week he was hanging down Broadway and 7th Avenues. Any new info i will be should and let you know.

  16. hey sunshinekim ill be in the city! email me @ fafinettekay@gmail.com lmao sooo serious

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