its no secret…

at work – i have a shrine dedicated to twilight and rpattz – my desktop wallpaper is tiled with rpatz’s front page cover of GQ. and see those books to the left – yep… twilight series… JUST IN CASE someone at work feels the need to get their read on.

i come back from lunch and find this sitting on my desk… hmm…


it was in omma mag – “the mag of online media, marketing and advertising” – i didn’t want to read it all, but i thought it was nice of my co-workers to always think of me whenever they see anything twilight =)





3 responses to “its no secret…

  1. At least your co-workers appreciate your love of Twilight, mine give me crap for it … granted I have convinced a couple of them to read the saga.

  2. on the left by the books, I see a hot dog!! Lunch?

  3. my boyfriend supports my addiction =) . i got him to read it and now he’s into it yay ! he bought me my first edward poster

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