i LOVE these girls!!!!

ok ok ok – so i’m browsing youtube for some lykke li clips to listen to (because i LOVE her) and i got wind of this lykke li feat drake cover by this girl joyce and her homie ariel (by the way check out knock you down cover by them too) – THEY’RE FKN AWESOME AND SOOOO CUTE!

ANYWAY – i do more diggin on youtube for more clips of joyce because she’s so adorable and i love her voice… so i finally found some fun clips of her and her friends… ANNNNND – hahahha of COURSE they’re twi-hards! check the clips out – they’re HILARIOUS!

jasmine, joyce, alexa – holler at us if you see this!!!

check out 0:20 ish… HILAR! i imagine that this is what all us WTFly ladies would do if we lived close to each other….


6 responses to “i LOVE these girls!!!!

  1. i love how she says she’s not filipino, but yet there’s a filipino sun and stars on the wall. hahahaha

    and thats about all i can get from it with no sound. lol.

  2. lmao i love how this really has NOTHING to do with twilight but we’ll find any way possible to stretch it to be on wtforks lol. that first vid is so cute, i love see our “youth” doing something productive with their talent lmao. that officially screamed “im old.”

  3. ok i take it back its KIIINDA related lmao.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! hahah im glad you enjoyed the videos 🙂
    for the second video, “the other friend” is Alexa ahah just so we don’t leave one outt:)

  5. they are great !

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