as seen in twilight.

uhmmm… so today i get home from work and i have a package.  i open it and itsss…

drumroll please..

my freakin BB Dakota jacket!!!!!!!!    

Photo 60

and i know this damn iphoto camera is a mirror but idk how to make it right side.. lmao.  THANKS  “7” FOR FLIPPING MY PIC!  


16 responses to “as seen in twilight.

  1. misslawncullen

    bella is thatchu’ ?!

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  3. That jacket will be mine

  4. it’s really cute on u

  5. Nice jacket! And honestly, it looks a lot better on you than it did on KStew!

  6. still so bummed i have to wait til AUGUST for this to ship, thanks fred flare 😦

  7. sweet!

  8. OMG love it!! Is this still available to order? Can you send me the link pleeeease.

  9. too cute. i now want one.

  10. Photo corrected:

  11. I flipped the photo so that it read correctly. But the post is gone…


    Maybe a glitch.

  12. that jacket looks great on you. you should have your own poster haha

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  14. The jacket looks so good on you!
    Where did you order this jacket from?

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