the new KS do?

hmm idk…

i guess this is where she got it cut:


then this is after she got it colored.


like, totally emo. *update: just to clarify – this is for her new role as joan jett – holla!


17 responses to “the new KS do?

  1. she looks like shane from the L word.

  2. LipsLikeSugar

    i think she looks cute! but then again, i also think it’s kinda hard for her not to. she’s probably getting ready to shoot the joan jett film.

  3. you are SO right – maybe! joan jett and her band were totally on my flight one day hahahhahaa – she looked pretty much the same… cept with more wrinkles yikes!

  4. she looks like a hot mess.
    her long hair was so beautiful.
    I’m totally hoping shes getting ready for the joan jett movie.
    but then again…couldn’t they have just used a wig?

  5. Ummm did I miss something? Please someone explain why she did this!

  6. misslawncullen

    yeah the new do is for her role as joan jett

  7. joan jett stutters?

  8. this is totally appropriate for a role as Joan Jett, I think she’s gonna do so great.
    She looks pretty badass! but I love her nonetheless… PEOPLE LEAVE YOUR HATE-COMMENTS TO YOURSELVES
    … that’s all I have to say.

  9. It is for her role as Joan Jett. Dakota Fanning is negotiating being the movie as well as the lead singer. The movies called “The Runaways.”

  10. i can’t wait to see her role as Joan Jett.
    i loved her hair long but with the cut she got, it probably looks so bad-ass without the ponytail

  11. I wonder if her hair is going to grow back in time for shooting Eclipse…

  12. thats what weave is for!

  13. i guess extensions look better than a short wig?

  14. OOOoo I’m late! Workin for the MAN is keepin me hella busy.
    But do you feel me BetseyJ! She can always get a weave or extentions for Eclipse.

  15. To doowaditty.
    I would stutter to like crazy being in front of Edward Cullen.

  16. I think her hair is cute! LOVE the black on her.
    It will look better after it gets styled.

  17. she needs to change it back. black just makes her look even more depressed than usual .

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