Love behind the lens

I recently found this picture (of course I forgot the source, I just click save and then keep moving…sorrry) and it made me think about couples captured on film. Now I’m not sure if this photo is staged or candid, (I’m hoping candid) and ignore the fact that it’s R & K…doesn’t this remind you of a photo that you’d take with your significant other? It does to me.

Maybe I’m delirious from all the flu meds I’m on…or maybe I’m just in a sappy mood.

But honestly, I’m tired of all the relationship rumors…just get together already! I want a happy ending like Ryan & Rachel from The Notebook.

***EDIT 4pm….I just need to say that I do realize this is from a magazine shoot. HAHA. I just meant is it an outtake from the Vanity Fair shoot. not if its just a candid photograph from every day life. oh and Ryan & Rachel are back together!


6 responses to “Love behind the lens

  1. i love the notebook; the story is just so beautiful, and totally agree!
    i think this photo was from the vanity fair photo shoot but can’t remember the issue date :s

  2. glad you used the notebook example: my concern is that (like ryan+rachel) they break up, only for twilight the danger would be that they break up before all the films are done shooting, making it…messy. if there’s any chance of escaping the fade-to-black in breaking dawn, i want it to be HOT not awkward/angry

  3. it’s from the vanity fair shoot last year, sometime november. plus kristen is made up. she doesn’t really look like this in her everyday life.

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  5. I love Gosling & McAdams. Where does it say they’re back together?

  6. OMG…holla at the Notebook!! Are they back together now?? I heard she was getting married to someone else?!

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