don’t forget all you wonderful WTFkrs!

…to click and rank us on the side bar to the right! ->

c’mon, show us some looooove! =)


3 responses to “don’t forget all you wonderful WTFkrs!

  1. OKAY…I have to ask a real stupid question…and you can total roll your eyes when i ask…
    but how the fuck do i vote. I click on the link over there —> and then it lists all the blogs or whatever, right?! then I scroll down to #29 and yay, there you are BUT where can I put the frickin’ check mark or some shit to show my undying love for you WTFLadies. HELP ME….i’m a loser…

  2. hahahha – there’s a little stats icon that you click – looks like bars… let me know if you can’t see it

  3. done =)

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