the NEW new moon

thanks to our girls at STO we were given another chance to view a new fanmade version of the NEW MOON trailer…

wow… this gave me even MORE shivers and goosebumps than the other one…


8 responses to “the NEW new moon

  1. Melissa McMurray

    HOLY COW! That was awesome!

  2. YES!
    this one is wayyyyyy good 😀

  3. OMG it is AMAZING. My heart is seriously racing, you can totally feel the heartbreak of Edward leaving Bella. And as I reread New Moon as we speak, it becomes even more apparent.

    P.S. I may be behind the times, BUT how FABULOUS is it that they’ve bumped up the Breaking Dawn release date to 2011.

  4. LOVE IT! It was OMG good

  5. omfgawshhhh that was AMAZINGGGGGG ahhhh im sooo excited! i say whoever lives in Manhattan we go to the premiere together 😀

  6. I loved that trailer and I def got chills while watching it!!

  7. hot damn.. that was a badass trailer.

  8. so so so so good luv it more than the real 1

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