Send WTForks to the New Moon premiere!

Dear WTFly Readers,

I’m sooo over “pretending” to work at the j-o-b,  and Twilight news today is slow for the most part, so I’ve decided to take this time out to … well … BEG.

As some of you may know, us WTForkers pretty much live on opposite sides of the country. NY … SF … FL … LA.  Our Vancouver invasion only gave us a taste of the insanity we could get into all in the name of the Cullen family. And quite frankly, we miss each other LOL. The weekly WTforks?! chat room seem to suffice, but talking shit, planning Jess’s Twilight wedding, and obsessing over R. Patz is way more fun in person over Soju and Kim Chee Beef Fried Rice.

So since we missed watching the New Moon trailer together (and recording our reactions to it of course), I figured where better to reunite than at the New Moon movie premiere in L.A.??!! (ok fine i won’t be picky kay lol, ny works just as well!)

We just have to find a way to get in…

I know it’s a long shot. And I know most of yall would want to use whatever connects you got for your own damn self (shit, guilty as charged!) but I am a firm believer of the 6 degrees of separation concept. So if anyone’s a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of  a friend of someone who got plugs to that event HOLLER AT YOUR GIRLS! Or at least give them the link to our blog so they can see that we ain’t playin!

Come on, you know yall are dying to see what we’ll be rockin on the red carpet!!! Hopefully, it’ll be Edward Cullen 🙂


6 responses to “Send WTForks to the New Moon premiere!

  1. oh please oh please oh please oh please oh PLEASE!!!!!

  2. *sad face* why can’t it be in ny?!


  4. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!!! butttt i unfortunately have school that week aannndd my mom aint so keen on me just going to the midnight premeir here in northern VA….so damn. i hate not being able to travel by myself!!! ill deff try nd go to Eclipse…or BD

    ❤ ❤

  5. Shoot.. I’ve been working on this since they announced the release date. So far I got a friend who has a friend who is a personal assistant to a celeb that could get passes… Still in the works…

  6. Why don’t you try begging Ellen Degeneres? She’s makes dreams come true for people on the internet!

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