RPatz is in MY HOOD (NYC)

i’m loving it because this makes it SO MUCH easier to track him down… the following photos are from radaronline and after some searching, i’m pretty sure this is somewhere in downtown/soho area.

but what i REALLY love about these photos… can you see? NO SWARMS OF FANS SURROUNDING HIM! that’s NY for ya… however, i have a feeling this might change…





you know what kills me though??? i think these were taken on saturday… I WAS SO IN THAT AREA THAT DAY!!!!! GAAAAHHHH

8 responses to “RPatz is in MY HOOD (NYC)

  1. i love how it looks like they’re holding hands in the first picture heh

  2. Omiiigawsh ugh!!! I can’t even say I was in that area saturday but dammit is he still in NY?!imagine walkin mindin ur own business & u bump into him?I’d so try to holla & act like he aint no one famous lmao

  3. I grew up in Manhattan – and NY suits Rob I think. New Yorkers don’t mob anybody…at least they did not used to. There are so many celebrities living there within reach. I served ice cream to tons of celebrities on 72nd and Columbus. No one bats an eye. And everyone look so effin cool in NY – there’s lots of eye candy – celebrity or not!

  4. is he in nyc shooting?

  5. Oh no, you were in the same area, and you missed each other…maybe he was looking for you!

  6. omg, i saw this last night!! I live like two blocks from that corner!!!!!!

  7. awww he looks like new yorker =] perhaps he’ll like new york so much that he’ll decide to move over here since it’s closer to london =P.

  8. Jess i am totally flying out there…so i can stalk the city w/u! HOLLER!….hahaha

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