Little Ashes

DSC02172Its playing at the theatre around the corner from my apartment…totally going to see it this week.

Anyone else going to check it out? or you just gonna leave RPatz as your vampire fantasy?


5 responses to “Little Ashes

  1. yes – PLEASE give us the recap!

  2. they have this theatre in NYC that was playing it but they’re not showing it anymore and i so missed it =[
    please let us know how it goes =]

  3. hi WTF! – i’m finally delurking myself to comment on your blog, which is fkg awesome by the way! love it!!!

    just saw ‘little ashes’ this friday (june 5th was opening day for san diego). it’s really good, but you have to be prepared for the slow pace. pattinson was great as dali and shows his versatility as an actor. there are a lot of scenes which showcase his comedic timing and unique facial expressions.

  4. Hehehe… Is that in Fort Lauderdale??? That looks strangely familiar… If so, I also live in Fort Laudie! Yay to Twilight fans in Fort Lauderdale! Unite and take over!!!

  5. sooo going to see it!! ahh!! im excited! hasnt it been out for a little while?

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