Say my name, Say my name

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I’m stuck indoors doing the laundry and aimlessly surfing the web. (Do people even say that anymore?). Luckily, I came across something that deterred my boredom for a good 4 minutes thanks to the good folks at Twitarded.

Apparently, my general vampire name is Angelique du Courdroy, known in some parts of the world as Venus of Wallachia and I died but rose again in the name of eternal lurrrve. I can dig it. LOL. But it gets better, according to the Twilight vampire name generator, my name is *drumrole please*

LOL I dont know why I laughed when I saw this but I did. I used my full name by the way.

LOL I don't know why I laughed when I saw this but I did. I used my full name by the way.

Oh faho! LOL. Let us know your vampire names!


33 responses to “Say my name, Say my name

  1. wooo hoo! i got isabella cullen

  2. Renee Cullen? who the hell is that…am I kinda sorta their kid/bella’s mom? haha, oh well – at least i have the name Cullen…so i can be part of the most fab family.

  3. ^you guys are lucky to be in the cullen clan.
    I’m Alice Clearwater?!?…..WTForks is that?

  4. hahaha…My name is: RenΓ©e Hale

  5. Mine is: Angela Stanley


  6. I’m currently wtf*cked up so I might be overreacting but I’m pretty sure the vampire name thing just called me fat:
    One of ritual and pleasure – presiding over the gluttonous feasts of the wickedest night of the year.

    well eff you, name generator. also, Alice Ateara? you must be joking. I know I’m a Tanya. (my maneater stage-identity)

  7. Alice Ateara…

    Hmmmm…. Lol.

  8. Mine is Angela Ateara…. I like it πŸ™‚

  9. katrina cullen… sigh, at least i’m a cullen. πŸ™‚

  10. My name is Rene’e Swan :/

  11. Isabella Yorkie (WTF?) If I used my boyfriend’s last name instead of mine with my full first name, it’s Isabella Swan. When I tried my mom’s maiden name it came out as Isabella Cullen. Gosh darn the Yorkie.

  12. twilightluvr21

    my vampire name was drum roll (Isabella Ateara) I kind of like it , but I would of preferred the last name swan or cullen πŸ™‚

  13. I used my full name, and mine was Isabella Swan.

  14. My name is Carmen Cullen which I think its pretty bad ass.I’m part of the cullens & I got a spanish name lmao

  15. duh. I’m Irina Clearwater.
    Not only am I a fuckin traitor and a coward,
    also I get to be bitchy and moody.
    thankkk you.
    whereas my general vampire name is pretty dope
    I think:
    Vicereine of Moldovia, known as “hunt of the night”.

  16. im gianna volturi, which i actually reali like, cute/sexy first name badass vampire surname lol xx

  17. loooooooool!!!! i’m Rosalie Volturi! how cool is that! =P
    i’m a mean girl!!! hahahaah

  18. Isabella Cullen.
    Yea, I’m married to Edward. πŸ˜‰

  19. misslawncullen

    I’m a cheater… I tried all my names. My maiden name, my married name, my nickname w/ my hyphenated last name, my nickname w/ my married name, and then FINALLY my real name w/ my married name and got the name i truly deserve… ISABELLA CULLEN… woohoo!!!!

  20. mine is Jessica Cullen
    im part of the Cullen’s yay

  21. I got Gianna Cheney and when I put in my boyfriends name I got Carlisle Cheney!!!!

  22. Alice Cullen!! And my vampire name generator thing is Enid Keat aka Mother of the Hungry! Pretty satisfied πŸ™‚

  23. i am charlotte volturi! boo. i want to be a cullen 😦 haha.

  24. general vamp name

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Vicereine of The Cold Wastes
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Lilith of The Night
    The Great Archives Record:
    Adrift in the night, hiding from the sunlight. This one moves from place to place, never settling.

    what the foorks lol why am i soo alone!

    and the twilight vamp namee…..

    Irina Stanley

    DAMNIT. lol

  25. Alice Volturi



  27. i got Gianna Black .

  28. LipsLikeSugar

    Isabella Clearwater. Nice!

  29. so here are mine
    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    Mary Fey
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    Succubus of The Flesh
    The Great Archives Record:
    A sensual one who knows the flesh – and knows the blood.

    I tried to get my twilight name and non of the links would work T_T

  30. Mines Isabella (ma first name anyway) Clearwater i thought it was a vampire name not wearwolf!

  31. *~.:Twi_Girl:.~*

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isabella Swan. I tried with my nickname etc.

  32. My twilight name is:
    Gianna Black

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