kstew is so allure-ing

popstarsrock (BEWARE – THE SITE STARTS BLARING TAYLOR SWIFT!) posted pictures from kstew’s newest Allure photoshoot and mama is lookin flyyy..

“me i’m supa flyy.. supa dupa fly.. “







14 responses to “kstew is so allure-ing

  1. PUWAHHAHAHHA i just noticed how she’s wearing the boots – LMAOOOOOO

  2. i think Rob just bust a nut…lol

  3. she’s absolutely stunning. biker-chick looks good on her

  4. Lmaoo seriously I think rob would def enjoy this shoot. The btch looks hot. That jacket needs to be mine 😉

  5. The photos scream “BAD-ASS”…until you see how she’s rockin’ the boots. hahahaha! I read somewhere that she twisted her ankle that day so that is the reasoning as to the “flipflops + boots” look.

    • yea i guess the rumors that she twisted her ankle in italy were true – that is why she wore converse to the movie awards supposedly. poor kstew! people bashed her hard for that.

  6. yes, there’s a pic floating around of kristen with her black ankle brace. i wish that she would look like this normally.

  7. Man she looks FINE in these pics. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her looks. Simple but effing hot!!!

    As for the site that blares TSwift: Can I just say Taylor Swift and Twilight: The two greatest things in life.

  8. o the bitch looks bad. not bad meaning bad but bad meaning goooood.

  9. Oh & one more thing!I think this is how I would expect her when she turns into a vampire!bad ass & hot!lol

  10. Nice….
    You know how some people say that Rob as Edward in the movie is way more hot than Rob as himself (although i am so NOT one of those peeps)…i must say vice versa for her…a much better Kristen as herself – or in Allure) than Bella in the movie (although always adorable).

  11. yeah I am just not a mean enough cow to carry on dissing her. So, gotta say KStew looks fabulous. She should be Barbarella instead of Jessica Alba. Beginning to think Robsten could be real – as how could Rob resist her when she looks like this?

  12. the 3rd pic is badass .

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