OMG… when I first saw this pic, I squealed sooooo loud that my dogs started howling, lol. But NO, it’s not real ladies. It’s an awesome manipulated photo that gives us an idea of how it would really look if our dear RPatz and KStew were bumpin’ uglies…

Urrgghh… how cute do they look?! I love it – I love it –  I love it!!!

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17 responses to “Hmmm…

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  2. Lmfao I hate you for doing that!!! Wow the power of photoshop. But I think they’ll look so cute together though :). Better than megan fox,nikky reed. & all them other girls lmao.

  3. after seeing the update on twitter, this picture seriously had me fooled. and then i scrolled down. damn photoshop!

    if only it were true =[

  4. omg I’m so jealous! even though its fake.

    this would be the cutest couple. sigh* if only….

  5. †ωσℓƒ.ρα¢к†

    Hi auntie its me Avanisse! Im in love with twilight! Holy Dracula! That pic is so romantic! I
    wish they where a couple.

    P.s: Go twilight!

    my drawing =)

    • misslawncullen

      Ava’… hey sweetie!!! Glad to know that you love twilight 🙂 Yeah, email me the picture. You can send to the WTForks email or to

      BTW… i love how you spelled out †ωσℓƒ.ρα¢к† … soooo cute!!!

  6. †ωσℓƒ.ρα¢к†

    OH I FORGOT!!! im going to send you a twilight picture of edward and bella it will take time ok!

  7. even though they look smokin together,
    my heart fell a little at the sight of this

  8. omg they belong 2gether

  9. no i am sorry to say that the rumores are true. My friend who works at the W hotel saw them eating at a reastaurant together while the rest of the cast n rew were partying somewhere else, and yes, she vouches that the 2 were all kissy kissy with ea.other…sad.

  10. Woah. You scared me there for a second!! Once you said it was a manip, it’s pretty obvious. So much for wishful thinking, damn!

  11. God I wish I had such skill with Photoshop. I did wonder why she was on her phone and his arm round her back looked a little odd but I was almost believing it – except that I had just watched the vid of him standing next to that car and he had different clothes on, so I knew it wasn’t right. Just goes to show how easily we can be fooled.

  12. My heart stop when I saw this picture. Luckily I’m still here, still alive, still OK. haha..

    Did you ladies hear about Twilight Cruise ’10?? Heading for Alaska, with stops at Seattle and of course FORKS, WA!!

  13. dammit lawn u can’t be playin with my emotions like that and shit!

  14. They really would be the cutest couple ever.

  15. i’d rather he be with her than some stunning exotic model. it gives me hope =)

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