WTF?! is Twi-tarded!

Check out this email we got from the gals over at Twitarded.

OK that’s IT!!! Last night JJ came screeching over to my place to tell me I HAD to watch the “Reaction to Twilight” video. And we did. I think I still might need to clean up some more wine that was sloshed on the computer because we were laughing so hard. There were tears involved. And concerned looks from our S/Os. And then she made me scroll down [you know where this is going…] and YOU MADE MY LOOK AT TAYLOR LAUTNER’S WEENIE!!! WTF?! That is SO wrong and now I’m gonna go to jail or something – lol! Holy crap that was funny. And disturbing. And, um, TINY, I have to add. But I could have happily lived my life without ever knowing that, ok?

Anyhoo, well done.

WTForks?! loves Twitarded and are very glad that they love us.  =) Check em out!


3 responses to “WTF?! is Twi-tarded!

  1. Thanks WTForks!? & the new mayor of forks/Raaachem! We love you guys over at Twitarded – despite the fact that the image of Taycob’s peen is now permanently stuck in our brains.

  2. Thanks WTForks! We think you guys are fucking great – you crack us up and I am often envious of your antics!


  3. Thanks Ladies…now i have another twi blog I’m feelin’ the need to follow –
    I might as well just quit my day job.

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