on point!

damn Dakota looks fuckin BAD ASS as jane. i’m just waiting to writhe in pain now that she’s staring at me!



9 responses to “on point!

  1. I thought she would look great as Jane and she does!!! What a great casting choice!!

  2. Yuck, I think she looks terrible as Jane. I imagined Jane’s hair different and I imagined her face more round and innocent (angelic demon-like).

  3. LOVE IT! She looks great! And this is the first time I’ve seen this picture – good job!

  4. hmm…not how i pictured jane…

  5. I’m not sure how i pictured Jane either…but Dakota will rock the part…her acting is pretty damn good.

  6. i hope she doesn’t seem so kiddish and innocent in the movie as she usually does .

  7. aww, she looks good, and she was amazing in thee moviee 🙂

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