Good Morning Ladies

this is what RPatz looks like in my dreams…standing over me with a bright light shining behind him offering his body to me.

ok whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

yeah totally had another Twilight related dream last night. the details are a bit risque so I can’t share them. but you can just imagine since I’m sure most of you have already had your own.

oh and after seeing that sassy pic of what Taylor has or rather doesn’t have going on in his pants I’m totally Team Edward til death. (not that I ever had the slightest interest to be on Team Jake.)


6 responses to “Good Morning Ladies

  1. hey wtf, lovely picture of rob, where is it from?!

  2. misslawncullen

    he looks… GLORIOUS!!!

  3. uhm hi – why’d you steal this pic off my phone you bitch!


  4. Oh BetseyJ… thank you so much for starting my morning off right!

  5. Holy Moly!! Now I can’t stop daydreaming…. *sigh*

  6. Fckin beautiful man 🙂 *sighs. I still haven’t had a r.patz dream 😦

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