Why I Love WTForks?!

And other Twilight sights for that matter. And especially our Twi-hard readers …

This is an email I sent out to the WTFly ladies yesterday after listening to Bella’s lullaby at least 5 times in a row:

I’m dying of boredom during these last minutes of work. So I started listening to flightless bird american mouth n then eventually bella’s lullaby. Have yall really just sat there n listened 2 it in complete silence? Pls tell me u have n then pls tell me ur brain envisioned a shitload of whimsical scenes 2 go along with the music. N then pls tell me I’m not a complete pansy for getting teary eyed over how beautiful the composition is?

O dear god. I get the wtforks award for “most likely 2 cry watchn new moon” don’t I? Gah!

To which MissLawnCullen replied:

i do that all the time when i’m working and then get all emo’ and shit listening to it. and then i usually hit up jess’ and demand her that flightless bird be her first dance when she gets married. omg… can you imagine?! all of us would be crying like little babies!!! waaahhhh!!!

And then just like that, I felt a little better knowing that I’m not the only one. Everytime I start to think I’m crazy I think of everyone else’s WTForks?! moment and feel completely sane again! Haha just kidding, I promise u guys are all AWESOME!

Anyway, after listening to the official Bella’s lullaby (Carter Burwell) that was featured in Twilight, I then listened to the Yiruma version called River Flows in You. I fucking love them both, and they both make me want to be in love and run through a meadow and onto a mountain top to scream it to the world. (Uh-oh here goes the emo again). But which one do you prefer?




8 responses to “Why I Love WTForks?!

  1. i perfer burwell’s…it sounds so much more intense lol …but i agree that both versions are awesome.

  2. LipsLikeSugar

    LOVE Carter Burwell’s, I listen to it all the time.

  3. I love them both so much, I made them both my ring tones, Bella’s Lullaby for the boy and the River Flows in You for everyone else. On top of that, whenever I’m driving in my car I listen to the Twilight soundtrack (iTunes version with the addition of RFIY) and nothing else, this has been on going for at least four weeks now. I dream of an open meadow and a forest covered in green moss every time the songs come on.

    As for loving WTF? I was driving to work this morning and I noticed the car in front of me had a WTF? bumper sticker on it and to the right of WTF? was a picture, tinted blue like the one of frozen of the screen above of Edward in his blue jacket and shirt. I got all excited because I thought it was a What the Forks? bumper sticker that I sped up to see. Needless to say, it was not, the picture was of Sarah Palin and the WTF stood for What the F@*$? Heartbroken, I went back to singing alone to Paramore and so forth.

  4. burwells, there is more of a buildup of anticipation that exists in that one… because the story between bella and edward is not just pleasant and simple like yiruma’s one, but is more complicated and a little creepy at times like burwells… ahhh<3

  5. i kept doing that shit when i first got the soundtrack and movie…and it’s all because of you guys damn it! LOL

    hi soohee! i’m back from hawaii!

  6. OMG. Everytime I listen to them both I want to be in love too!! They are both on my “Goodnight” playlist on itunes. And I f’ing love them so much. Like I don’t think I’ve heard anything so beautiful. But I love Yirma’s verson the best. It’s just so flowy. And I really feel like a river is flowing in me. O man I wish I could turn the sound on at my job…smh

  7. I like them both but the piano in the Burwell sound so simpistic for Edward. The Yiruma Is more complicated and is somthing more like what Edward would compose for His lady love, Bella.

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