puff, puff, fork

here’s an aim convo i just had with one of my favorites and an avid WTF reader, MAIR.

[11:55] mair: OMG I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!
[11:55] raaachem: what what?
[11:55] mair: I was gonna text u this last night but it was hella late
[11:55] mair: so me and Justin were super high last night and roaming around in the kitchen
[11:56] mair: i heated up the leftover burrito and was trying to find a fork
[11:56] mair: so i asked him “Justin, where’s the fork?”
[11:56] mair: when he replied, “What, the fork??”
[11:56] raaachem: hahahaha
[11:56] raaachem: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[11:56] mair: then we started laughing!
[11:56] mair: ahahaha
[11:56] mair: even more so cause we were high as fuck
[11:56] mair: ahahahahah
[11:57] mair: can u imagine us though?! hella high?! laughing with a fork in my hand!!!
[11:57] mair: oh good times

*WTF?! is in no way advertising or condoning recreational drug use.  but hey, it happens. puff puff pass, bitches.   =) 


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