SweetLuv2U from YouTube, the ladies of WTForks?! want to thank you and ur girl for providing us with at least a good 30 minutes worth of non-stop laughter. This shit was just too hilarious and a good way to end a long, boring work day.

Folks, peep their reaction to the New Moon trailer premiere (esp. at 2:20) and then read me, Miss Lawn Cullen, and The New Mayor of Forks’ reactions to them after.

Me and Rach:

[16:21] Ab5: LMAO im dying at the girl on the right watch her FACE
[16:22] Ab5: omg 2:20
[16:23] rach: OMG
[16:23] rach: omg
[16:23] rach: OMG
[16:23] rach: I CANT
[16:23] rach: I CANT
[16:23] rach: i really want
[16:23] rach: to like.
[16:23] Ab5: hahhaah;sdfjskfjksljdfklsdf
[16:23] rach: laugh so hard
[16:23] rach: right now
[16:23] Ab5: LMAO
[16:23] Ab5: jafkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;fkl;
[16:24] Ab5: im laughing into my hand
[16:24] rach: i really can’t
[16:24] rach: i just CANT
[16:24] rach: make it stop
[16:24] Ab5: haaaaaaaaah
[16:24] rach: hahahahaha
[16:24] Ab5: u saw 2:20?
[16:24] Ab5: oh
[16:24] Ab5: my
[16:24] Ab5: goddddddddddddddddddd


 Me and Lawn:

16:24] lawn: look at their faces
[16:24] lawn: hahaha
[16:25] lawn: leaning forward
[16:25] lawn: lol
[16:25] lawn: eyes wide
[16:25] lawn: mouths open
[16:25] lawn: i don’t think they’re breathing
[16:25] Ab5: lmao
[16:25] lawn: gas[
[16:25] lawn: jajajajajajja
[16:25] lawn: P,G
[16:26] lawn: wow
[16:26] lawn: WOW
[16:26] lawn: ahhhhhhhh
[16:26] lawn: OMG!!!!
[16:26] lawn: i’m crying
[16:26] lawn: i’m lauging sooooo hard right now
[16:27] Ab5: lmao ive been laughing into my hand for 5 minutes
[16:27] lawn: my shoulders are shaking so hard right now
[16:27] lawn: i think i’m gonna pop a vein in my neck
[16:27] lawn: from holding in my laugh
[16:28] Ab5: im DYING
[16:28] lawn: I CAN NOT TAKE IT
[16:28] lawn: I have to watch this again
[16:28] lawn: and agan
[16:28] lawn: i think i love these girls

And just so you ladies know, we are totally laughing with you and not at you because this is exactly how we looked while watching it too … minus a few decibels lol.


20 responses to “LMFAO.

  1. CTiffanyBella

    lmfao i rofl-ed for 5 minutes straight. truly great, they’re my new heros.

  2. misslawncullen

    i was laughing so hard i couldn’t even type/spell right… lol. i seriously want these girls to be our new bff’s!!!

  3. i fucking LOVE THIS VID. hahahahaha a

  4. wait. my fave line is “thank you.. for sharing.. this moment.. of ecstasy.. and love” hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  5. LipsLikeSugar


  6. This vid is classic. These gals are awesome.

  7. lmaooo @ the girl on the right’s face…. && then the other chick disappeared & appeared outside behind her lmao. gotta love twilight fans 😀

  8. LMAO! clearly the best part was…


    LMAO! OMG! hahahahahah.

    • YESSS that was my favorite part too! I need water. U need water? SHET!

      And both me and Lawn actually did get water LOL.

  9. “Who gives a fuck about this dude.” LMAO! XD

    omg i’m crying. ahahhahaha!

    their reaction = FTW!

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  11. i think 1:33, the girl on the left… OMG her expression was priceless!

  12. i had to watch this again to start my morning off right. hahahahaa..

    i hope they’re readers. lol. cuz i think i love them.

  13. Omg, I feel crazy


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  16. this video is hella funny but when i watched it i threw my phone in the air!!!

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