i spy with my little eyes

holy fucking shit do u see what i see? do you see it? DO YOU!!?!?!?!?



(thanks Cha, for sending this our way!)


p.s.Β  if ur like DOOWA, and are either blind or dont know wtf i’m talking about.. CHECK OUT MR. LAUTNER’S WANG.


45 responses to “i spy with my little eyes

  1. omg. i’m calling child protective services on EVERY PERSON who comments on this that is under the age of 18. myself included.

  2. AHEM i know a wang when i see one i thought u were referring to YOUR blog ho!

  3. Oh my! Big bad wolf… ;]



  5. LipsLikeSugar

    AHH!! I can’t look at that pic for more than a second because it makes me feel like an old dirt ass! You damn pervs! ahahahaha

  6. AHHH! Taylor, turn 18 already!!!

  7. hahaha i agree with LipsLikeSugar.
    I knew he would have a little one.haha

    • LipsLikeSugar

      dude I don’t think it looks little, it looks pretty decent for not being hard. God I can’t even believe I just wrote how a 17 yr old’s flacid peen looks. I’m going to hell for sure

  8. 1- tell me why i got shy after viewing this photo followed by uncontrollable giggles (at work)

    2- after the trailer i thought there’s no way that baby could be that buff naturally.. ROIDS!!

    then i saw this photo.. at least i now know he doesn’t use those πŸ™‚ hahah

  9. la bruja: That’s not little at all! If you add some, uh, “happiness” to it…lol… then it would like grow A LOT! If you get what I mean.

    Okay, I that just made me a dirty woman! Hehehe, “Since I’m going to hell…” hehe

    Thank you soooo much guys for posting this pic…Mmmmnm

  10. it’s little.

  11. Lets get out the magnifying glass.

  12. Wow…is it bad that I can’t stop staring at this pic?

    He’s underage….bad bad bad bad bad

  13. Jailbait. -feels like a perv-

  14. misslawncullen

    HOLY SHIT!!! puuuhhhhahahahaha!!! i can’t look at it again… it feels soooooo wrong.

  15. We are ALL going to Hell for this. hehe

  16. Hahaha I love all the people commenting on this, it made my day. Im 17 too so I dont feel bad taking a gander πŸ˜‰ but I do still feel kind of creepy hahaha.


  18. Oh no, I couldn’t possibly comment. He’s jail bait.

  19. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg…. *keeps staring*

  20. Actually I’m only two months older than Taylor so I do not feel ashamed for staringm. Lol.

    Uhmmm. Taylor if ur reading this call me. Hahahah.

  21. You all are DLWs (dirty little whores) for checking out his package!!! But I looked too…so I guess that makes me one as well πŸ˜›


    *and it’s not dead people, believe me!*

    Gosh, he’s only 17. I am now legally able to be considered a perv. I have no shame!

    Let’s take Edward words… as if I’m going to hell… ho ho ho ho!


  24. Holy Taylor.
    someone got gameee. Lucky Selena.
    He better hide that shit before Playgirl calls him for a shoot.

    I feel like a total predator looking at him this way. he’s like 5 years younger then me.

    Bad Taylor. Bad Chantelle.

  25. why can’t i stop giggling seeing this???

  26. omg…what a lovely post to come home to! hahahahah

  27. uhhh… i feel kinda weird now…but i had to take another peek…

  28. i couldn’t stop giggling at this pic either (at work!!).. and WTForks is the first and only blog i thought of sending it to!

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  30. HAHAHAhaha o noes!! LOL

  31. I’m going against a few laws coming back to this topic again. O.o

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  33. I def felt like a sucia looking at this picture..but it def did not stop me from showing all my coworkers and getting their reactions. We were all def confused as to what he’s packin..or not lol.

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  36. oh. my. word. this feels so awkward.
    I kinda feel very sorry right know?
    for taylor? you know?
    cos I really think it aint that big?
    aww. shit. I so didn’t wanna see this.

  37. Rooooaaaarrr…and the cougar is coming out.

    sure its not a roll of quarters? u sure they didn’t put it there in hopes that some sick-o ladies (including myself) would have a frickin’ book-long discussion about his wang.

  38. I was like “I don’t see anyth…OMG.”


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