we found MARTINA!!!

YES! the same MARTINA from our “desperately seeking martina” posts (part 2 here) has been found and questioned! hahahaha!


basically we shot some questions out to her to give all YOU some of the inside scoop of who she is, how she was able to meet the cast, any tips, etc etc while they were filming in vancouver! ch-ch-ch-check it!


1) have you lived in vancouver all your life?
yeah, born and raised. I’m a total van-city girl!

2) i heard you want to be an actress, if so, why choose that profession?
I actually decided to pursue this career quite recently. I have 2 older sisters, both very artsy-talented, and I’ve grown up in such an environment. Both of them were musically talented, whereas I prefer pursuing a career in acting. This could very well be something I care about in which I can get involved in. I’m interested to experience what the job is like, working with professional actors and portraying characters that aren’t like me.


3) who inspired you to act?
My answer is very suitable for your website: Kristen Stewart. She’s so determined, natural, and most of all, realistic. I’ve always been a KStew fan, from In the Land of Woman to Adventureland. She’s different… and I admire that.


4) how are you able to run into so many celebrities? what’s your secret?
haha, it’s funny that someone thinks I’m the daughter of the caterer or something. Like, what?! Seriously… When I heard New Moon was being filmed in Vancouver, I was one of the few who only found out towards the end of April. Luckily, my family lives close to both hotels the stars were staying at, so I quite literally “ran” into them at different times.


5) of all the twilight cast members, do you have any favorite memories meeting any of them? dare i ask who your favorite cast member is?
ummmm, that’s a tough one… all of them were really nice in person. Rob was really giggly, it was cute!
Out of all my encounters, I’d have to say that my favorite was with Taylor. It wasn’t the first time meeting him and he….. remembered me! My dad and I were eating at The Keg one evening, when we walked past a table with Taylor and Selena sitting at it. There was nobody else around, so I approached them and they were cool. Taylor and I had a nice, ongoing conversation about his stay in Vancouver.

6) do you have any advice for those who are pursuing acting as a career?
It’s all about determination. How much time you’re putting into your hard work shows how much you really want to pursue the career. Life has its ups and downs, don’t give up easily.


7) do you think you’ll move to LA?
Once I’m a high school graduate, I hope so.

8) what attracted you to Twilight?
Uh, Robert Pattinson’s face? It’s funny… before the movie came out, I was told that Twilight was “amazing” and my friend suggested that I read it. I honestly hadn’t heard about the saga before, and I actually didn’t enjoy reading Twilight. I didn’t know what the big deal was.


10) do you ever hesitate or feel bad when approaching a celebrity when spotted in passing?
The only reason why I hesitate is because of my nervousness. I guess it’s just out of excitement. It’s such an opportunity, even if you think you think you’ve caught them at the wrong time, it’s so worth approaching them.

11) if you could meet anyone who would it be?
Van Morrison or The Beatles… I can’t decide. But I listen to them all day, every day.


12) Any tips you can give other fans who hope to meet cast members?
It’s all about timing and luck. Keep your eyes peeled for paparazzi! Go shopping on the weekend, go to trendy restaurants and bars at night. Remember, the cast is still young…

13) is there anything else you’d like to let the WTForks readers know about you or anything else in general you’d like to share with us?
I hope I have an opportunity to break into the movie industry




9 responses to “we found MARTINA!!!

  1. Soooooo I’m totally jealous like wth I want to meet r.patz 😦 & he’s in ny…. I need to “run into” him but nyc is too damn big. Who’s down?! Lol

    • you know NY is my stompin grounds – HOLLERATCHAGURRRRL lol

    • LOL I’m down!

      This interview gives me high hopes that i can bump into Rob at least once this summer. =]

      What’s even more frustrating is that I live right by JFK and celebrities including ROB<3 fly in and out all the time =[. Perhaps i should just move into the airport.

  2. Wow…so great that you found her!!
    thanks for the interview. how cute is she!

    Ah, to be young with aspirations again…
    funny she mentioned the comment I made…stoked she reads WTF?!

  3. Yoshi girl holla @ me lmao , I heard he was in a park today in nyc. I wish I had more tips like where he’s staying at or so so I can go “run into” him lol

  4. Congratulations on finding Martina!

  5. OMG. This chick is still in high school and has met the cast!! GOSSH! im so jealous.

  6. Sunshinekim77

    I will be on a Rob hunt this weekend in NYC!!! Anyone wanna join??

  7. i’d have those pictures blown up on my wall .

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