Twilight Comics

The other day I came across this (I totally forget the source now, so I apologize) and had to share it with you guys. It pretty much speaks for itself.

ps. don’t you love how it says “WTF” at the end….yeah she’s totalllly saying “what the forks?!” you know it!


18 responses to “Twilight Comics

  1. In a nutshell…that was pretty accurate. ❤ it.

  2. fxxk, this is god damn funny

  3. That seriously just made my week! lol

  4. PHOOEY. hahahaha thats my favorite part! this is great.

  5. It’s by Lucy Knisley

  6. Omej! That just made my day! I loved it!! ❤

  7. LMAO at him biting her leg. I love it!

  8. ahahhah. . so i’m not the only one who th0ught Edward was being clingy. . still love love him though! TEAM EDWARD BABY!!

  9. oh and I love how Renesmee hates her name! when I first heard her name, I thought “how filipino. . only they combine names to get weird names” (no offense, i’m filipino). . hah

  10. Lmfaoooo omg this made my day! Shit is how it really happened though haha

  11. OMG…frickin’ hilarious.
    I bet the actors would get a kick out of that!!

  12. Tita Renesme

  13. lol, this is great.

  14. this is the greatest thing ive ever seen.

  15. hahaha…. i love it. AAA ANGST!

  16. freakin’ awesome

  17. freaking awesome!!!

  18. WTF that was epic

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