thats SO not how it happened.

after watching the New Moon trailer for the umpteenth time and getting over the SICKEST visual effects.. (u see jacob turn into a warewolf?  like.. did u SEE IT? cuz i swear i blinked and i missed it. i SWEAR IT! *pause. regain composure*)

ok. what was i saying?

oh yes.   the new moon trailer.   so, that part where Laurent sees Bella in the forrest and then Jacob shows up and she tells him to watch out and all of a sudden he’s a warewolf..   Jess and I could have sworn that it didnt happen like that.   like…   she didnt know it was Jake that saved her from Laurent, cuz all she seen was wolves, right?      which leaves us wondering what else they changed on us cuz i swear to god if they changed the good parts i’m boycotting that shit (i’m TOTALLY LYING, btw).  

i mean, either way, Taylor Lautner looks FUCKIN AMAZING… i wanna wash my laundry on his stomach and listen to him growl at me *ahem, cougar status* but STILL.  

and and and, i stll cannot get over Bella’s weird eyebrow lift when she asks Edward to kiss her.  the girl got an award for stuttering?  the MOST AWKWARD.  i promise.   she almost makes me think that i could have a career being an actress…   almost.  

anyways, thoughts?  concerns?   how do you like the trailer? 

****EDITORS NOTE******
ok.  its 2 different scenes…  good eyes guys.  now stop tellin me that cuz i wanna hear ur opinions on the trailer and how u anticipate the movie to be.  get those brain juices flowing!

p.s. I showed Jess a small video of what I did over the weekend and she made me post it up here cuz she wanted the world to see me dance like a fool.    so happy monday forkers!   enjoy!   =)


38 responses to “thats SO not how it happened.

  1. DUDE – i have to DISAGREE with you on ONE thing. the animation and fx – SUCK! what the fuck is this???
    MICHAEL JACKSON’s black or white video is 10x’s better than this transformation (hoping this will be fixed for the REAL movie)

    – back to topic:
    didn’t bella get pushed into a pile of PLATES at the bday party??? (edit: and NOT into a glass table, i think that’s what it was in the trailer)

    • OK they def are not as good as this video.. BUT they are 654168732187 times better than that gay sparkly fast forward shit that they did in Twilight! right?! right?!

      p.s. i forget if it was plates but i know it wasnt a papercut.

      p.p.s. black or white was one of my favorite videos. hahahahaha…

  2. oh yea – here’s the the Black or White vid

  3. if you watch the video, bella has on a different jacket when she tells jake to run. It’s 2 different scenes. Plus she isn’t wearing the backpack in that scene with jake like she is with laurent.

  4. i thought the same… i wonder what they will change next.

    and taylor… WOW… i think I might change sites if I see this more often….

    and yes she got punshed into plates and she didn’t know jake was the wolf who rescued her from laurent..


  5. so, something to notice about the trailer– Bella doesn’t actually “see” Jacob in the clearing– the part with Jacob turning into a wolf is a completely different part of the movie. They just cut the trailer together to make it look like it was the same scene. If you look closely, Bella is wearing a totally different outfit when she’s with Laurent than in the Jacob turns wolf scene. I’m willing to bet the Jacob turns wolf is supposed to be at the end of the movie when he leaves town. (which is why he almost knocks her down).

  6. it was a papercut… she cut her finger with the present from esme and carlisle and then edward threw her onto the table with the glass plates…

  7. If you watch it back again, that is two maybe three seperate scenes…I’m think that when he does the big transform is when Paul and Jacob go at after she knows everything.

  8. jake is hot.

    ok ok soo. They definitely switched it up. because wasnt it night time when she was in the meadow with laurant? it was getting dark once she finally found the spot at the end of her hike.

    jake is hot.

    and yeah dude it was a papercut! she was opening an envelope and she got a paper cut and then Jasper flips out. only i dont think it was edward that pushes him back i thought it was emmet? and then edward is supposed to huddling over her whens she s on the floor before she even realizes the plates cut up her elbow.

    jake is hot.

  9. If you re watch the trailer you will see that Bella is not wearing the same clothes in the scene with Laurent as she is with the scene where Jacob changes. It is not the same they pieced it together. Example in the scene with Laurent she has on yellow back pack, with Jacob no back pack. Two different scenes just put together for trailer.

  10. ok the special effects… CORNY! I am expecting more. I need to rewatch it a few times and pull out the book later today when I get home.

  11. yes they changed that part, but I have a feeling from the goosebumps I got, that it will still be amazing. The whole pack is supposed to save her from Laurent. I still hope we get to see all the wolves in their CGI wolf glory together, fingers crossed. Still, trailer=so tiight.

  12. is it November yet?

  13. so I watched the trailer again and… i think that it are 3 different scenes… in the end the jacket she’s wearing is browner (ya i know this sounds really stupid) than before.. or do I just imagine this?

  14. Its TWO different scenes with bella, Laurent and jacob. the part where she is with Laurent, is one scene. where bella yells jacob run is another you can see bella wearing a different outfit.


  16. Melissa McMurray

    I agree they are all different scenes. Also about the special effects I bet they were trying to steer clear of anything quite so scary because of the little kids that will be watching the movie.
    I believe they could have done it a little different, but all in all it was still cool. I can’t wait for November because I think watching the whole thing will be much better!!

  17. LMAO. haha note taken. yessss so the trailer.

    ou already know> Jake is HAAWT.

    i think the trailer is cool. i know im not telling anybody anything new i know they concentrated and added in more fight scenes for this one since a movie about Bella sulking for months on end would be a bit boring, so it woulda been cool if they showed more of the fight scenes that everyone has been talkin about the past few months. CrAzY anticipation. i want to see the fight between laurent and the pack. and i wanna see Paul aka alex meraz aka my MAN lose his temper and phase.

  18. SMH!! I don’t know what to expect for New Moon nemore. I’m a bit disappointed. Is that wrong that I am?? Is anyone else???

  19. omg!! i think one of the fan made ones is way better, maybe its like the music tho.

    did u see when she got the papercut she properly threw the present on the floor!

    and laurent attacks her then all the pack show up = lame they better change that


  20. Okay yes two diff scenes,we know lmao @ everyone correcting. Anyway uhh jake is a total hottie omgggg I can’t wait for the movie. Edward looks wayy hotter in this movie 😀 & I blinked & missed the transformation lmao. I hope that they don’t change up like in twilight . Ugh mmk that’s it lol

  21. hey i KNOW you said not to tell you about the scene differences anymore haha but i found this helpful, taylor explains which scenes those parts are from:

  22. I wish the wolf animation wasn’t so … uhh … for lack of better words “animatey” lol. yes i just made that up. trailer was “ok,” but i nearly jumped ship when i saw jacob running mmmm.

  23. Ummmm…i agree with all of the above and all the technical stuff you are discussing. But so far – just from last night’s trailer – it will be hella better than the original, even if they do stray a little from the book. The whole look of it seemed um…i dunno….like they definitely had more $$ or something.
    In any case, frickin almost pee’d my pants with anticipation last night and then when it came on, i must’ve broke my remote (and totally made my husband irked) by rewinding it like a million times. I was a little too excited to notice any bad things at first but now, I think the only thing I may have felt weird about is when Edward is saying goodbye to her – “You’ll never have to see me again…” blah, blah – that part – seemed like Rob was reading it from a cue card. Whateverz – just waiting til November…
    but DAAYYYUUUMMM…Taylor is buffer that shit!! me likey. Still team edward tho!!

  24. Oh BTW – can I just agree with Rach that the sparkly shit….I REALLY hope it ain’t as cheesey in this one compared to last. I hope they had more dollars to fix that shit, esp. considering he has a big sparkly scene in Italy, right??

  25. Well limeslice beat me to it but yeah, they definitely compressed three different parts of the movie into one for that trailer. Which is pretty common for trailers. I just hope that when we see the whole film, what comes out of the forest at Laurent isn’t just Jake — it’s the whole dang La Push Pack killing it! woo hoo

  26. dude, jacob’s hot body could possibly get me to switch teams.

    and i thought wolf-jacob would be more shaggier.

  27. DUUUDDDEEEE!! i thought i was the only one who noticed that something was off annnndddd…the eye brow lift huh?? wha?? (TM) too much!! BUT DAYUM…i knew i always saw something in my wolf boy!! and yeah she did not know jacob was a wolf in the book during that time…but she figured the swag of that wolf reminded her of him..and she puts two and two together…im crossing my fingers for new moon~

  28. ahhh i feel bad for doggin!! bbuuuuutttt…laurent had too much makeup on!! and, the part where Edward bounces on Bella was not as dramatic as i imagined in my head…it was so bland…I wanted to cry for the girl ….man FINGERS CROSSINGGGGGGGGGG =/

  29. is it wrong that my first initial reaction to Jake’s transformation is to rub his belly? O.o? seriously… or just pet him…. how does Bella just not play fetch with him all day?!?!?

    sorry… I’m a dog lover… can u tell? lol.

  30. i dunno… maybe i’m just easy to please but i really liked the trailer… my pressing question is… why was catherine hardwicke sitting with billy zane at the awards? lol just saying… WTF?

  31. was it only me, or does this movie look like it’s going to be BRIGHT? I was kind of expecting it to look all gloomy, like the first movie..
    and since most movies get to have more than one trailer, I hope the next would show how Bella hallucinates Edward, because I still don’t understand how that’s going to work.

  32. The end of the trailer is definitely cut from three scenes, I had to watch it twice to figure this out. As other’s have pointed out, she is definitely wearing three different outfits in the three scenes. I CAN’T WAIT for the movie to come out, I hate it being five months away, but I definitely think they could have done a better job on the trailer. I guess there are more to come, but at this point, I prefer the fanmade one out there that has Bella jumping from the cliff, the yellow porsche, and Bella crying in her closet. ON A SIDE NOTE … did anyone notice the details of the meadow and how they have changed. For a place that is the wettest place in the U.S. that grass sure was brown … I have two thoughts on this and correct me if you disagree, but either the scence a) doesn’t happen in the meadow in the movie, but instead on the reservation (fingers crossed this is wrong) or b) the meadow has some metaphorically meaning between Bella and Edward, Edward’s gone, Bella’s heartbroken, the meadow loses its beauty.

  33. i loved it. i swear i stopped breathing when i was watching it

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