slow-mo please…


i can seriously watch this all day


17 responses to “slow-mo please…

  1. unbe-freakin-lievable!

  2. agirlreckoning

    chris weitz totally got this right! and this is just a rough cut! this makes waiting until november practically impossible!! (sorry for all the exclamations!!)

  3. active4fashion

    I was pretty sad when I saw the first movie as to how poorly it was done, but that little bit right there already shows that they put some effort into making this movie NOT lame! 😀

  4. November is so far away. Please let there be another teaser trailer …SOON lol =X

  5. i seriously watch that all day.


  7. i’m not joking i totally spent a solid 5 minutes watching that haha
    this movie is going to be so much better becuase
    a) they have more money
    b) there is more action
    c)the cast are all used to there characters now
    d) beacuse i just know haha

  8. WHY AGAIN DIDN’T WE GET OUT THE CAR TO TAKE A PIC LIGHTIN ONE UP ON THE PORCH OR SOMETHING??? GAAAAH! and i just wish jacob as a wolf didn’t look so cute and cuddly even with fangs lol.

  9. *sigh* Ive been watching it for ten minuets now……..

  10. Ok, I don’t mean to be nit-picky…but they only said it like a hundred times that jacob was a solid reddish brown…he’s more white/brown 😦

  11. Nice….you ladies should so add that too your sidebar underneath Edward running.

  12. I likey

  13. thanks lawn! i’m supposed to be studying and now I’M gunna be stuck watching this all day!

  14. gawd jacob is hawwwt!!!!

  15. tht boy is too sexy for his own good

  16. I LOVE THIS!!!

  17. so hot but ROBERT is so much hotter and better for Bella lol

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