Cute, but a Little Obsessed.

That’s how the bf described the way I acted in response to the New Moon trailer on the MTV Awards last night. Then he sent me these pics (One of which I don’t even remember him taking ‘cuz I was glued to the tv screen for the entire minute and 49 seconds) and I could totally see why, at least the obsessed part lol.  I just HAD to share ’em with u ‘cuz I’m sure yall can relate … or at least I hope so :o/ Fuck, I hope this isn’t how I always look anytime something Twilight related comes up.

In the Twilight Zone.

In the Twilight Zone.

This was right after I saw Jacob turn into a wolf LOL.

This was right after I saw Jacob turn into a wolf LOL.

Speaking of WTF awards, what was your most WTF moment? And you should already know I don’t mean “What the Fuck?” I’m talkin what was your most WHAT THE FORKS?! moment when you realized that you were officially a Twi-tard? One of mine definitely has to be the one up there only ‘cuz there’s evidence and a witness. Another has to be the day I sat down in my boss’s office and told her why I needed to take May 1st off explaining it was to go stalk the New Moon set in Vancouver to which she replied, “If you get arrested I can’t guarantee you’ll still have a job when you get back.” I’m sure I’ve had waaaaaay more WTForks moments though. Share yours, maybe you’ll get the WTForks?! award LOL.


14 responses to “Cute, but a Little Obsessed.

  1. i’m dying of laughter haha this is exactly what i was doing lol glad i’m not the only one

  2. My WTF moment was when I was pregnant. We were watching Twilight at home (my first time seeing it. I didn’t get to see it in the theater due to being on bed rest for half my pregnancy). I had been in the “early” stages of labor for a few hours and was told to stay home until the contractions got to be 4 minutes apart.

    Okay, so back to my moment- we were half way through the movie when my water broke. My husband jumped up and started grabbing our things so we could drive to the hospital. I just sat on the couch yelling at him to get the f- out of the way of the tv.

    He got everything to the car and after a little bit of arguing, was able to pry me away from the tv as long as he brought the dvd with us so I could watch it at the hospital (we had a portable dvd player packed in our hospital bags so he would be “entertained” if my labor went long).

    After getting to my hospital room and getting my epidural, I asked my husband to grab the dvd player and put the movie in so I could finish watching it. Of course I had to use a few choice words and maybe call him a few not-so-nice names, but I was in labor, damn it, and you don’t argue with a woman in labor… ever!

    So long story short, I was able to finish watching the movie at the dismay of my husband and dr. Two hours after finishing the movie, our son was born.

  3. Well at least I know I wasn’t the only one doing the exact same thing…lean and all 🙂

  4. abi you are HILARIOUS. omg i looked the exact same way. hahahahahahaha.

  5. My WTF moment was one night while I was sitting in choir practice. My teacher told us to get out a certain piece of music, and when I got to mine, I grabbed it, and got a tiny paper cut on my finger.

    It started barely bleeding, and for an 1/8th of a second, my mind went into freak out mode, and I thought “Oh, CRAP, I’m gonna get attacked, I have to hide my finger!!”

    Then, after my 1/8th of a second was over, I laughed at myself for being so obsessed over and caught up in Twilight. 🙂

  6. Lmfao omg @ both stories. Like how can u compete against brandy?? Idk for some reason everything brings it back to twilight. Like today I was reading the newspaper & u know that plane crash?? Well they were coming from rio de. Janeiro to paris & I quickly though omg what if that was edwards & bellas flight lmfaooooo omg horrible. Smh. My most recent wtf moment.
    I aal

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