Butter Fingers

Found it! haha oohhh KS.


7 responses to “Butter Fingers

  1. Am i the ONLY person that thinks she was ON ONE last night? i mean r. patz looked liek he was downing from the night before but kristen looked like she was still on some shit! at any rate, this was my favorite part. i was kinda over her up until this. in true bella fashion – love it.

  2. Luvyateamedward

    Aww…poor kristen! I thought that was so a bella moment!

  3. Yeah…i’m LMAO too. It was great…at least she’s real! and may I say – high as a kite

  4. Melissa McMurray

    She still handled it well though! Yes true Bella moment!

  5. LipsLikeSugar

    love her!!

  6. she’s always playing in her hair .

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