the Mtv Awards

I just finished watching the Mtv Awards, and OMG the entire time I was turning to Rob and freaking out, and rewinding parts. He eventually got annoyed, and had to remove himself from the situation. hah OH WELL!

RPatz looked amazing, no surprise there, and Kristen looked adorable in her sneaker & dress combo. I totally love how her make up and hair looked! Best ever….obviously the popcorn drop. You could totally tell the two of them were getting a bit annoyed at the whole experience, Kristen’s eye rolls, and did you catch when RPatz walked up and did the fake “omg” with his hands?!

I wish they showed more of Ashley Greene, because she looked so flawless on stage at the end. She had that very 1940s pinup style going on.


I don’t even know what to say about the New Moon preview, I just about DIED. I got goosebumps, got teary eyed, and couldn’t stop watching it. I can’t wait. I have a feeling I’m going to be filled with tears throughout the entire movie. ahhhhh.


6 responses to “the Mtv Awards

  1. I was screaming the whole time during the preview! Did you see wolf?! I can’t wait till Nov.!

  2. DUDE – I HAD TO CONTAIN MYSELF BC I WAS AT MY COUSIN’S APT UPSTAIRS… didn’t want them to think i was THAT crazy – ugh do you know how HARD it is to contain yourself watching the show on tivo????? (don’t ask them to rewind, don’t ask them to rewind…)

  3. i watched her interview in the preview and she was stuttering. and i let out the biggest HA. lol.

  4. I was so rooting for them during the Best Kiss Acceptence speech!!
    But i think Rob was actually gonna go in for the kill. His surprised look seemed so genuine.

  5. I was watching @ my Friends house & they were all making fun of me because i was acting all giddy and squealing like a pig!!! OHHH he makes my panties wet…( in a good way) LOL

  6. They all looked great.
    I actually REALLY appreciated what they did with the best kiss acceptance part. It was so well played out and I think they were totally playing it out for the gossip mags, etc.
    you know – Rob so in love with her, wants the kiss…Kristen all about the friendship.
    It was a good act.
    My husband was like…”A-ha, Good for you…you’ve been glued on the TV all this time, FOR THAT, haha” dumb-ass…
    i still appreciated them on stage together.

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