bored? Twilight Boardgame!

misslawn was in nyc this week, so after dinner on friday with some girlfriends, we headed over to vernie’s pad to figure out what to do next… so we busted out the twi boardgame!!!


BUT FIRST, we HAD to show the girls the animated gif of EDWARD’s striptease hehehehehe (hey vernie! she has a blog called parisandpascual)


ok ok, so we set everything up accordingly…




but then we couldn’t figure out how the game worked. we were too lazy to read the directions (well lawn did read it) but decided we wanted to just ask each other questions instead – HAHAHAHA


that’s wendy to the left… she has a site called nitrolicious


and that’s chico! she has a blog called misschico =)


good times good times… of course lawn and i answered like 99% of the questions correct!!! so what do YOU guys think of this game if you have it???


5 responses to “bored? Twilight Boardgame!

  1. I so want to buy that game.

  2. boring as shit! i think rach blogged bout the BOREDgame before and she ain’t lyin lol. when the clock struck the midnight of my bf’s bday we played this game. y was this his bday request? no idea. anyway, just like yall we ended up just asking each other the trivia questions instead.

  3. we are sooooo crazy!!! that night was like girls gone wild!…except minus the party and drinks, with all our clothes on my living room playing a board game..hahaha!

  4. Kinda cheesey.. but it’s fun. A friend and I played it and mostly enjoyed answering the questions.. of which we both got pretty much all of them right! lol.

  5. How cute are you ladies!! WTFashionistas?!

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