look out weekend, cuz here i come!  because weekends WERE MADE FOR FUN!

so, here’s my early morning friday picture.. but i think i wanna take another one so long as it gets us donations towards the “SEND WTFORKS?! TO ITALY” fund.  so tell me what u wanna see and i’ll make it happen.  $5 charge.  lol.

1 005



this pic was taken yesterday because my hair is SO NOT AS CUTE as it was…. enjoy.

no WTF sign as usual.... lol

no WTF sign as usual.... lol



Reporting to ya’ll from NY babyyyyyyyyy… It’s been a long work week once again but I’m gonna get my party on right after work w/ Yoshi… wooop woopp!!!

Oh and btw… I need to cut bangs, huh?! They’re long as fuuuucckk…

Photo 14

Betsey J

here is a photo of me from last night after one too many mojitos showing some love for my WTForks girls.

I am posting a pic of me from yesterday because I’m lookin a hot mess right now.

oh and can we talk about how great Rach’s hair looks? damn girl.


6 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. holy shit lawn, ur bangs are hella long. hahahaha…

  2. Thanks Betsey! “I got a fresh line up, fresh outfit, bout to have the parkin lot on smashhhhh”

  3. Aloha! Happy WTFriday!

  4. Lol shit was crackin!

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