notes from NEW MOON set…

thanks to TWIFANS we are given a detailed glimpse of the filming in montepulciano, italy….


May 27th, morning.
The crazy extras’ managers have told everybody to be at 4:30 am in front of San Biagio Church, which is totally downhill and not inside Montepulciano… They cannot park inside the town anymore , nobody can. Hell, my own car is parked also quite far and I have abandoned it there…
When she came back to my house very late yesterday night, she told me that she had gone to her hotel in Chianciano to collect her belongings and that Robert is in fact staying in that town too, but of course in a many starred hotel…
Now, today is the day they will film the desperate run of Bella in the crowded square, crossing the fountain etc.
The entire square is off limits, mostly due to the fact that to manage 1300 extras is a nightmare and they don’t want fans added to the mixture.
I decided to be brave and march directly to the barrier and say that I am going to the Cathedral again. And I am let in, alone. Some of the security men tell me to pray for them also. It is a joke. It is obvious that they know now that I am not going there for religious reasons, but they have seen yesterday that I do not scream Robert or whatever, do not try to jump actors, do not ask for autographs, do not take photos and keep my cell phone silent. So I am allowed some latitude. [this person is GOOOOD yo! fans, take note lol]
I am dressed in black with a loose red silk jacket, which means that I resemble the extras and, in case I was filmed by mistake from afar, I would not spoil the scene. But I have chosen a corner inside the Cathedral side door that keeps me invisible but allows me the view..

read more via TWIFANS


2 responses to “notes from NEW MOON set…

  1. damn she IS good. holy cow! can we PLEASE GO TO ITALY! FUCKKK!

  2. we can’t go all together like we did in vancouver – there’s no way they’d let a horde of girls in like this stealth fan lol

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