NEW MOON leaked footage!


thanks to radar online someone caught part of the filming as bella is running to edward through the crowd… as well as the striptease action hehehehehe

Picture 3

Picture 1

Picture 2


8 responses to “NEW MOON leaked footage!

  1. Talk about getting me hella EXCITED! Is it November yet? Seriously!!


    has 15 secs of the newmoon trailer

  3. ….oh my god!! I’m so excited to see the movie… Haha.. 🙂

  4. I think that when Bella is running to Edward in the end, they should play the last part of Fix You by Coldplay…The part where the song picks up and becomes exciting…=)

  5. I still don’t get why he actually steps *into* the sun when he’s not supposed to. She’s supposed to stop him before the ray’s hit his skin.

  6. Annonymous McGee

    You are all nerds. Every last one of you. This series is like Underworld for kindergartners.

  7. The movie comes out on my b-day so I get to see it when it first comes out! And I heard that the full movie was leaked on the internet!

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