Congratulations NINJA FANPIRE!

NINJA FANPIRE won our first WTF TWI-VIA! woot woot! drumroll please……… here she is, the ninja herself:



here are the answers to our TWIVIA questions:

  1. When Bella first meets Embry and Quil in Jacob’s garage for the first time..which of the boys is the one that winks at Bella? A: Embry
  2. What does Alice wear to Bella’s graduation party? A: Sequined tank top and red leather pants (This isn’t suppose to say Birthday party right?)
  3. How much money does Alice throw the guard when they’re trying to drive through the crowd in Italy? A: Over $1000 (”The outside bill was a thousand dollar bill”)
  4. Who’s the new wolf who’s dad might have been sleeping around? A: Embry
  5. Whose ring does Edward give Bella? A: His mothers

4 responses to “Congratulations NINJA FANPIRE!


  2. omg is that the bunk where its a bed on top and futon on bottom? i had one of thems and thought i was the SHIT hahaha.

    yay congrats thanks for entering!

  3. Ninja Fanpire

    Haha, yes it’s a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom.

    Thank you both for your congrats! 🙂

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