15 second clip of NEW MOON preview!!!!

thank you CHAZ for pointing this out on PEREZHILTON!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Picture 6

Picture 4




8 responses to “15 second clip of NEW MOON preview!!!!

  1. No prob ladies!!! This clip is so short,but still soooo fkn HOT

  2. why is it everytime Edward reaches for Bella’s face to kiss her, I feel like im going to die and I get sum silly smirk on my face? Am I the only one? lol damn the swagger of our dear Eddy Cullen

    • SERIOUSLY – WTForks aim chat had to be opened for this and i can say doowa, rach and betsey were all HATERS hahahhaha – i for one, could care less abt bella and fully concentrated on edward’s face – and his driving – SUCH a gentleman – SWOON!!!! i ‘ve watched it like 23 times now. GAH!

  3. hahah aim chat worthy for sure

  4. LMAO @ aim chat. Chaz i think you’re not alone on that feeling. Oh Edward *sigh*

    this has got to be the best New Moon update week by far. New Moon Trailer this weekend, ET’s 15 second clip and shirtless Rob with the D’Angelo V?!?…..Why must November be so far away?

  5. i think tht sunday night is gunna be trouble..who knows hows many peeps r going to watch the awards show just for tht clip of NM! also im sure youtube is gunna explode with searches…lol lord knows im gunna hitup youtube,cuz i may not watch the awards…lol


  7. I agree with someone on the Perezhilton site…the eyebrow lift thing she does is soooooo akward. Bella in the book is not a DIVA!

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