TwiCon Twilight Correspondent anyone?


i got off work and headed straight to columbus circle to meet up with WTForks’ avid reader “astarose” aka “schmangela.” i was gonna chicken out but she talked me into it. i couldnt do you guys wrong and go all the way there and NOT do it right???

so if you guys missed out on wtf i’m talking about – click HERE. basically reelzchannel was holding an open casting call with twicon to pick out the biggest twilight fan to become the next twilight corresondent for TWICON!

SOME of the brave who auditioned - i know they all did well

oh yea, as i was doing my interview on camera, i see misslawn roll up with her suitcase behind the camera man – bwahahahahah JUST IN TIME!!! she literally got off her plane from LA and went straight to the spot – talk about TWIHARD and DIEHARD friend lol!

schmangie, misslawn, becka (twicon), and her pal

schmangela and i did pretty good! i even got as far as to have my photo taken with naibe (the current twi corresonpondent for reelz) as well as a few interviews – and DUH – i HAD to mention WTForks AND WTFancouver! =) tons of pics


oh here’s a vid misslawn took of the one on one interview i had with naide – she was asking me what scene i was looking forward to watching in new moon. i was talking low because i didn’t want to interrupt the auditions behind us… i think my reply was i was looking forward to watching jacob transform into a wolf and edward revealing himself in the sun in italy hehehehe – i just wanna see them all nakey =)

For more info on TwiCon 2009 – click HERE
For more info on ReelzChannel – click HERE
For more Recap from Time Out NY (including this hilarious interview by one of the TONY guys – click HERE)
For more info on Instant Cast – click HERE (more videos of some of the other people too!)

***Watch ReelzChannel on June 26 to see the top picks!***

click to enlarge images below and read the captions:


9 responses to “TwiCon Twilight Correspondent anyone?

  1. misslawncullen

    you’re soooooo gonna get it jess!!!

  2. i swear to GAAAAAAHHHHDDDD ur gonna get this jesss….

  3. i’m soooooo jealousssssss! and lawn didn’t audition?

  4. Yeah there my pic, i had so much fun!

  5. Girl…
    You so will get this shiznitt!! Especially over them blonde hoes.
    You look great and not to mention the camera LOVES you!! Thanks for sharing the pics. So stoked for you when you get it!!
    Then I can be like, “hey there is the ring leader of that dope blog I follow!”
    Go on wit’ yo bad-self girls – WTF?! ROCK S.

  6. whoo hoo! there goes my pic lol. it was great meeting you! the audition was really fun and your app got a post it too!?! you got this in the bag!

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  8. you got this jess!!!

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