texts from last night…

i promise you, everything comes back to twilight…

an excerpt from Texts From Last Night

(585): Saw a guy smoking a cig holding it with a fork and driving WTF?

WTForks?! is right!  hhahahahahaaaaa….     

and here’s an extra one for good measure..  thanks JESS for making me snort at work.

(562): omg, he ripped it…he ripped my vagina…best. night. ever.


4 responses to “texts from last night…

  1. (248): ok plan lets look hot and dance like whores.

    that’s SOOOO from you isn’t it???

  2. That second text made me laugh rather heartily! Thanks for making this long night just little big more entertaining.

  3. eww, really..eww but so funny!

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