I dunno ’bout you BUT when I was 19, my life consisted of 5 things…

school, makin’ money, drinking, hanging out w/ friends and smoking cigs, hooka’s, WEED… you name it.

So to see our lil’ miss k.stew rollin a joint in broad day light in front of well… everyone AND THEN smokin’ it like she wasn’t doin’ anything illegal just makes me love her even more.

Not because I condone illegal drug use BUT because to me, it makes her more REAL. She’s just like any other 19 year old girl OR any other broad I’d kick it with back in the day.

Hell… I’d kick it with her now, just as long as she sticks to the #1 Rule:

Puff Puff Pass…

Picture 17

Picture 16

holler at me k.stew next time you’re in LA… i’ll find you the best green in town 🙂


6 responses to “Puff-Puff-Pass

  1. omgulay
    that’s awesome
    pass it to me kstew! =P
    rpatz is lookin anxious as well
    like he wants the pass =P
    at least it’s not illegal in italy??
    i should check the laws there

  2. i would agree – but considering it’s in a restaurant etc, i’m going to assume it was a hand rolled cig, not a j- i could be wrong!

  3. hahahha totally natural ciggy – unless she’s REALLY bold hahahhaha – but its safe to assume the homegirl got some practice rolling those somehow

  4. KRYSTLEBEE – said omgulay. hahahahaha!!!

    and i dont even smoke but i will DEF light one up with kstew and crew. hey hey

  5. LipsLikeSugar


  6. puff, puff, give…don’t mess up the rotation…
    oh shitz…those were the days.
    Now i’m old, motherly, working…damn, lifes hard.
    my rotation is messed up already, smokie!

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