pale as EVER in italy!

helloooo chest – i wonder if that’s what he’s wearing before he reveals himself to the sea of red?

doesn’t he look SO VAMPY??? yum

aaand of course – KS

these were all taken from italy thanks to radaronline


5 responses to “pale as EVER in italy!

  1. by the WAY. check out how big his feet are… hehehehe

    • girlfriend…you are staring so hard at the pic you notice his feet?!
      haha, well, you know what they say about big feet….
      but oh damn, look at those chisled features. I’d lick his feet with a face like that!

  2. Have you noticed that he has the dark contacts in, because Edward hasn’t fed in a while in this scene in the book.

  3. Unfortunately having big feet doen’t mean anything…someone’s proven that point false to me…LOL but I love how pale he is! He matches meeee 🙂 hahahaha

  4. god he is fine. lol.

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