Vampire Vixen.

OK first of all can I just say that I had thee most lazy, unproductive weekend ever and I loved every single minute of it! This is the only reason why I was able to catch up with all the tv shows I love yet don’t have any time to watch. The Kardashians, John and Kate plus 8 (Cried like a pansy the last 30 minutes of it), Ace of Cakes, The Hills, etc. etc. I also caught a part of VH1’s Maxim Hot 100 list and felt like a proud homegirl when I saw Ashley Greene’s segment. Like “yaaaaah, that’s my girrrrl!” haha. In case you missed it, here it is.

3 responses to “Vampire Vixen.

  1. yea girrrrrrrl!!!! she’s so awesome lol

  2. She’s my paaaay-bor-its!

  3. I cried at Jon and Kate too. That was pretty painful.

    Ashley is absolutely beautiful in every way. I haz a jealous.

    In case you didn’t know yet, I just wanted to come by and let you know we moved our blog.
    We are now at: and you guys are already linked at our new home.

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