Life & Style: It’s On… or not.

last friday for our TGIFriday post, you saw that i posted up this pic:
Photo 17

i just finished reading through through the article which made my laugh… then i remembered this is the reason why i hardly purchase these kinds of mags – because its all based on hearsay bullshit! i mean, not to make it look like i know the TRUTH or anything, but c’mon… REALLY??? they totally love exaggerating the truth – too funny.

anyway – if you want to be entertained, you should really pick up a copy. there are mentions of how catherine hardwicke wanted to cast kristen’s bf, michael, as the mike newton we all know and love. but he turned it down… why? pick up the copy and read! MUWAHAHAHA!


Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have spent innumerable late nights together at clubs since filming began on the movie’s sequel, New Moon, in Vancouver, British Columbia. But on May 13, they took the next step in their relationship: meeting the parents! Kristen bonded with Rob’s folks, Richard and Clare Pattinson, over Kobe beef meatballs during the actor’s 23rd birthday dinner at Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar in Vancouver. “Kristen and Rob have amazing chemistry,” their co-star Elizabeth Reaser told Life & Style at The Bash charity event on May 17 in LA. “They’re great together.”

That’s bad news for the actress’ longtime boyfriend, Michael Angarano. He visited the Vancouver set of New Moon twice since March, but it did little to keep Rob and Kristen from strengthening their connection. “It’s intense when you do such an intense project,” Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke told Life & Style at the ASCAP Awards in LA on May 11. “Robert and Kristen are interested in each other, like a fascination.”

And it’s been that way from the very start. “To decide who was going to be Edward, I had chemistry reads over at my house on my bed,” Catherine tells Life & Style, “and when it was Rob and Kristen together, you could just tell … this is it.”

text via Life&Style


4 responses to “Life & Style: It’s On… or not.

  1. ok i ALMOST peed in my pants this morning cuz i saw the pingback from “life and style” and i THOUGHT that we got mentioned on the mag’s website. hahahahahahahahahahah

  2. lmao.

    perhaps kristen shall give them something new to talk about.

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