lemme take ur coat

or actually, lemme take bella’s coat.  thanks sissy, for putting me onto Metropark’s blog who is releasing the jacket that Bella wore in Twilight.  This uber cute coat by BB Dakota is exclusively being released to Metrokpark in June…


As seen worn by “Bella” in the vampire phenomenon known as ‘Twilight’, this form fitting, hooded jacket by BB Dakota is sure to be the must have jacket of the year! Available in the same color “Lake Blue”, this stylish jacket detailed with custom bronzed hardware, features multiple button and zip cargo pockets on front. The fleece lined interior and ribbed cuffs are sure to keep you warm in the sequel ahead. Most release dates for this jacket are in August. Ours is scheduled to land June 15th


preorder yours HERE.!  p.s. its only $79. Please Believe that mine has already been ordered.   PLEASE BELIEVE.


7 responses to “lemme take ur coat

  1. Wait, for serious? because i would be so pumped if i am not the only over 14 lady to pre-order this jacket… except i’ll probably only have the balls to wear it in my living room

    • yes! for serious! I’M PAID IN FULL. and metropark just sent me an email that its been SHIPPED. wtf? when i get it in, i’m SO PUTTING UP A PICTURE

  2. i actually got mine from fred flare for a bit cheaper and my ship date has changed to 8/15! that’s some bulllllshit!

  3. I got mine too!! off of hoodiepeople.com and they only have it for $60!! super excited!!

  4. modcloth has it too!

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  6. ahh BB Dakota ❤

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