Before They Were Stars

browsing articles while still in bed and i came across this one.  it takes a look at the Twilight stars and their past work pre-twilight.  i know ur gonna remember a lot of these, cuz i do (or maybe thats only cuz i’m fuckin old) but wook at how cute our wittle stars are!  awwwwwww…  

Beginning with our Bella, Kristen Stewart (for whom there is a virtual library of choices, as she has appeared in about two dozen films), this video is a clip of her performance in the Sean Penn-directed Emile Hirsch film Into The Wild, in which she plays Tracy Tatro. It’s a lovely clip, and Stewart sings (her real voice) for her first time in a major motion picture in this scene.

Next, our Edward – Robert Pattinson. Pattinson, too, has any number of pre-Twilight films (including some which have recently been released such as How To Be and Little Ashes) to showcase. One such is Vanity Fair, in which Pattinson appeared as the estranged son of Reese Witherspoon’s character in the film, but his part was cut and uncredited. For this reason, we bring you clips of Pattinson’s part in Vanity Fair (a film which, by the way, Pattinson’s friend and fellow “Brit Pack” member Tom Sturridge appeared in as well).

Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in Twilight, has had his fair share of film roles as well, despite his young age. One such is his part as Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D. A much younger Lautner was capturing the hearts of his audience even then.

Onto Peter Facinelli, actor portraying Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the film series. Facinelli, who appeared in a wealth of major motion pictures before his Twilight days, played as the easy-to-despise butch-boy Mike in the 1998 film Can’t Hardly Wait with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Nikki Reed, whose most acclaimed role before Rosalie in Twilight, perhaps, actually involved her very close work with director Catherine Hardwicke in Thirteen with Oscar-winning Holly Hunter.

see the rest of em here!!!!   trust me, you want to see these.


5 responses to “Before They Were Stars

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  2. i swear i left a comment already lol – but DAMN this is amazing =)

  3. amanDUH! LMAO! i remember watching Can’t hardly wait in the theater at the original Tanforan theater wen they would have double features. haha.

  4. You guys probably have seen it but there’s another version of the New Moon poster with the werewolves on it.

  5. “I’ll kick everyones’ ass in this room”…I have been quoting that line for yeah, i’d say a good decade – or close to it. I’m frickin’ old…especially when I can say that i still own it on VHS.
    Yeah, Facinelli was the bomb back in da day. Sheez, I used to watch him on Fast Lane, the prime time cop show with Bill Bellamy and Tiffany Amber Theisen. Thanks for the flashbacks on everyone….
    OH, and might I say, RPatz was still finer than f*$% in Vanity Fair although he was probably like what 16 when he made that movie.

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