the auctioned kiss

look how ADORABLE rob is hahaha.

he seriously can’t believe that this is happening to him right now. well, i mean, i GUESS i can relate since my kisses are PRICELESS.

uhm… if you watch all the way at the end… is that yummy josh hartnett… hi =)


2 responses to “the auctioned kiss

  1. What a nice blog =D

    I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with TWILIGHT (and Edward Cullen, off course…)!!

    Congrats for your work.
    Nice Regrets from PORTUGAL ;D

  2. whuttt look how uncomfy he looks…
    and totally pissed cus they won’t let him say
    anything. like he’s a piece of meat.
    I wouldn’t min if he was MY piece of meat, though.
    aaah Robert when will you realize I’m the one for you.
    oh when.

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