The mystery blonde…

The twi-world was hit with a major blow the other day when Life & Style came out w/ claims that our boo was in Cannes hookin’ up w/ some blonde at the post-party for amfAR Cinema Against AIDS in Cannes. According of a so called eyewitness,

“He took pictures of her, sat with her all night, and the two of them were even seen kissing! There was serious chemistry between them, and they looked like they were having an amazing time.”


My heart nearly sank into my chest when I saw that pic and a million thoughts ran through my head…

  • Why is his arm around her?
  • Why does he looked so pissed off? Was he mad that the paps caught him w/ her?
  • Blonde? Really?! Is that what he’s into?
  • WTF?! Is this for realzzzzzz?!

Soooooo, of course I had to check up on our fave insider, Miss Lainey Gossip to hear the real deal. Cuz you know she always knows wussup… and thankfully enough, she’s confirmed that the rumors are in fact, “bullsh-t. Total bullsh-t.” She even gave an in depth account on how she knows it ain’t for real.

Check it out here.



12 responses to “The mystery blonde…

  1. *I know this is off subject – apologize in advance for that*

    @ Raaachem|The Mayor

    Mr. Mayor…

    That is him singing on “Break the Rules”


    Did he write and arrange that?

    • yes, thats him singing… written and produced by the hubby as well.

      • And Raaachem…

        I am impressed. Very impressed.

        I may have some things coming up that he can demo/write/arrange for. Major label stuff.

        In negotiations now.

        One is a female from Oakland who has her own reality show on BET. 😉

        I will definitely keep you posted. Your man has talent. What defines that for me is vocal arrangements. He has that down. The track is very solid from a production standpoint as well.

        I used to do A&R so I know what is good and what is not.

        Please send me his email/contact info via email if possible.

  2. O
    all you fkrs nearly gave me a heartattack! blonde??? yea fkn right.

  3. I was seriously about to CRY! thank goodness it’s a bunch of bullshit!

  4. it’s good you posted this! that’s what i was talking about in my comment on the last post. obviously if it was really true…and if EVERYONE always has their eye and camera’s on him…we would’ve seen real photo or something.

  5. Her mother has pasted away before the series starts. Blonde

  6. have you even READ our blog before? i hope so then you’ll get an answer to your questions =)

    thanks for stopping by

  7. omg i thank Lainey and the lord jesus christ for setting the record straight.

    p.s. wow, WOW. why even read our shit if ur just gonna be a hater?!

  8. waaaait a fkn minute. is that YOU “7” ???

  9. Sorry guys (gals).

    Yes, it was posted from my computer.

    But I think (I hope) you all know that I would never post such nonsense.

    Thank you for deleting the comment – I was going to hit you up and let you know.

  10. Can I just say that my heart dropped? I mean I’m cool with him being a man slut, i mean, shit – he frickin’ deserves whatever “puntang” he wants but seriously not with this ugly beeatch. haha. just hatin’
    although I must say, after reading lainey’s article, I would have to say I agree that she probably wanted some shiznitt and couldn’t get some, so “confessed” to the world. damn though, I swear i’m gonna paste my face on that bitch. haha
    Damn, is there some dramas going on with this post?! I’m so nosey, haha.
    Lovin’ y’all.

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