New Moon Sneak Peaks!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG I cannot contain myself right now, matter of  fact akldjsfa skldfjakl jfkl;awjr iaojfAIOJ;aje!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U can watch this clip on mute for all I care, just pay attention to all the pictures ‘cuz their all remeniscent of the book! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK I cannot wait!

Thnx to my fave Rated G Twifan sight, Twilight Moms for posting! (Click on pic to view video)



7 responses to “New Moon Sneak Peaks!!!

  1. Yeah!
    Let’s work hard today, so we can party harder this weekend!!
    BTW – the new Entertainment , so i can stare at that still almost-kiss shot…yum

    • Hello – what an idiot…my response is supposed to say “THANKS for the pic in the new Entertainment….”
      It’s gotta be frickin’ friday, my brain is shutting down.

  2. excited for sureeee

  3. Did you guys see the auction in France where two ladies paid 20,000 euros to get a peck from Rob?! that’s frickin’ almost $55,000.

    Well……I guess if I was a rich bitch, i’d pay that too!!

  4. my, oh my. can Robert/Edward get anymore dreamy?

    I dunno about $55,000 but I’d pay to get a kiss from Rob only if it’s same kiss Edward gave Bella in her bedroom or under the gazebo at prom, not no peck on the cheek lol.


    ya boy has a hot new hookup..lmao he is a pimp fo sho

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