TWI-via competition!


sooooo we’re trying to come up with a TWI-via for WTF (get it??? TWIvia – TRIVIA???) hehehe…

email us some questions about the ENTIRE series that you’d wanna ask and we’ll post at least one question up everyday – maybe twice a day even!

– In Breaking Dawn, what city did bella and edward arrive at first when they went on their honeymoon?
– In Eclipse, who took the clothes from Bella’s room?

is there a prize?

not sure yet….. haven’t figured it out LOL but will keep you posted!

*email wtforks [at] gmail [dot] com to submit your questions!!!


3 responses to “TWI-via competition!

  1. LipsLikeSugar

    OMG this is so rad! Me & my friend would always chat when we were bored at work, and were constantly IMing Twilight questions back & forth to each other! hahaha I have a whole list of them somewhere! I’ll send ya’ll the best ones 😉

  2. HEY!! cool! yea me and lipslikesugar did trivia for eachother while reading the series! i hope you like the questions we asked cause i personally think they are good if i do say so myself because its all the little things that people dont remember much and would probabl read those parts and not even remeber them and forget right after reading them. can’t wait!

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