Cam Gigandet vs. Twilight Fans

Check out this spoof made by with our fave bad boy vampire, James aka Cam Gigandet. It’s HILAR-I-OUS!!!


5 responses to “Cam Gigandet vs. Twilight Fans

  1. lmao “we’re strong enough to kill u”

    and THATS how u pronounce his last name haha.

  2. lol im gonna have to get used to saying “Jeh-GAHND-ey” instead of “gig-AND-det”

    damn that blonde check is ruthless. perhaps, they should cast her for the newborn vamps in eclipse?

  3. oommggggg – I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE CAMMMM JEH-GAHN-DEY – rob fkn who?!

    why couldn’t we do a vid with himmmmm waaaah – lawn, make it happen

  4. omg i never knew thats how u pronounced his last name. and WHAT I WOULD DO to be chasin his fine ass around. fuck.

  5. omfg that video was so funny!!! 😀

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